Booking conditions:

During these global situations, we offer flexibility:
What is third party?
Bookretreats and Bookyogaretreats as well as Retreatguru sites. There are own conditions stated on these sites.
Conditions apply as long as Peru is in a state of National Emergency!
The terms & conditions are made to give clarity between the parts, and to be fair and necessary.

Changes made by participant:

  • How to cancel? ~ Notify host by email.
  • Cancellations 90 days or more before retreat: 90 % refund, minus administrative fee, and the Machu Picchu ticket entrance, train tickets and Machu Picchu Bus ( if these are already booked).
  • Cancellations min. 60 days before retreat: 50 % refund, minus the administrative fee, and the Machu Picchu ticket entrance, train tickets and Machu Picchu Bus. ( if these are already booked.)
  • Cancellations less than 60 days before retreat: No refunds, but the option of date changes within the coming 12 months will be available minus administrative fee that covers: planning, organization, bookings etc. and  minus Machu Piccchu ticket cost, bus and train cost. ( if these are already booked).
  • Specifics: Cancellations less than 15 -10 days before:  Non- refundable.- a fee of 222$ will be withdrawn from deposit and the rest can be moved to a date within 12 months-minus costs of train, entrance to Machu Picchu and bus to Machu Picchu ( third party, and non- refundable )
  • Cancellations 10-5 days before: Non- refundable.- a fee of 250$ will be withdrawn from deposit and the rest can be moved to a 
  • later date, minus Machu Picchu ticket cost, Bus ticket cost and other potential non- refundable costs last minute
  • Sudden travel changes less than 10 days before start: Flight cancellations, family emergencies, illness etc: –  Host will do the best to move the dates- minus fee stated above. Conditions are same as the point above.
  • No refund if Participant attends the Retreat, but leaves early, whatever the reason.
  • Any refunds due to Participant according to this Agreement will be made in USD or EURO or NOK, by bank or otherwise to Participant within 30 days of receiving proper cancellation notice.  
  • Participant wishes to change dates: Need to know min. 4 weeks before & there is no cost for date changes, minus administrative fee and non- refundable costs as stated above. This is possible for 2 times as long as we are in state of emergency in Peru —
  • Between 4 – 2 weeks before event, 200$ of the deposit will be subtracted for date change as there has already been costs with organization of event & bookings etc. And such a late cancellation may affect the hosts ability to host and participants to attend.
  • If borders are closed and traveling is not possible, 120$ will be subtracted from deposit and the rest of the deposit can be used within 12 months of original retreat date for other reservations. 60$ of the 120 $, may also be used for a powerful thetahealing or spiritual healing session with Angel Amita of 60 minutes and online yoga classes. May also be gifted as a kind donation towards Mother Earth New Earth Community Project in the Sacred Valley.
  • What is administrative fee?
  • Covers time spent to organize and plan your retreat, time to communicate online, book stuff fro your retreat and costs of local taxes.
  • If the retreat is booked via BookYogaRetreats, their rules apply: no refund, and a free date change. They have the funds you paid until you start the retreat.
  • If retreat is booked via Bookretreats site, or Retreatguru: check listing for conditions, or be in touch.
  • We always recommend booking directly with us in order to have the easiest and most flexible conditions; as well as paying less extra in case there are few participants, and we agree to make the retreat happen! The third party sites, subtract a 15% commission; so in these cases, the price of hosting for few people, will be higher than with direct bookings.
  • Please note that Machu Picchu entrances already reserved and paid, are generally non- refundable, as well as train tickets. We reserve and pay entrances to the ruins early, in order to have space on the date we will enter. These tickets are from separate Peruvian agencies, and changes are often not possible.
  • Host needs to move the dates: free change.
  • Thank you so much for understanding and apologize for any inconveniences.
  • We look forward to meeting you, and sharing adventures with you!