"The energy of pure love is within you; it only needs to awaken." - Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi)

" It is Love that unites everything" ~ Amma

"Love can accomplish anything and everything: cure diseases, heal wounded hearts, transform human minds." ––Amma (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi)

" In seeking Ascension, the power of Love must become the fervent heat that will cause the elements of the mortal creation to melt, and propel the candidate for Ascension into the great cosmic pool of immortal Love and Light" ~ Lord Seraphis Bey ~


Jezebel rosy

19.05.2018 04:17

Mount Shasta, California is so best place for enjoyment and I have explored this kind place in my whole life. this place just made for the adventure things.

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16.02 | 03:29

Hello Mirjam. Thanks for the message. Please email at sacredjourneysnow@gmail.com to talk. Looking forward to hearing from you. ~ Angel

15.02 | 16:55

Hello, do you have place to organise a retreat at Lake Titicaca around mid October? We are with 3 or 5 people. Hope to hear from you.

15.01 | 02:25

Hello Dion, The deposut for each retreat is 50% of the price and can be paid by card or by transfer. The info is on each retreat section. Please email for moer info: sacredjourneysnow@gmail.com.

15.01 | 02:21

Gerardo, there kis a link under the registration part which you can click and pay by card. I also ejmailed you. Check email from Angel Amita. Please book directly with me :) Looking forward! Thanks!

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