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Traveling from Europe:

Travel either from Madrid/ Barcelona, London or Lisbon.

There are several direct flights from Madrid and they take around 11 hours non stop to reach Lima. 

So if you are in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark or similarly you can save often a few thousand kroner or a few hundred Euros by traveling from Spain or London. Good local airlines that fly to Spain/ London are Norwegian, EasyJet, SAS, etc.

Norwegian has best deals on baggage and is recommended. 

Good airlines from Spain to Lima:

Iberia: - LAN- Air Europa- AVIANCA -  KLM-,  AIR FRANCE- - Most airlines allow 2 pieces of baggage of 23 kilos each, in addition to hand baggage- means space for your souvenir shopping!!

Good airlines from London to Lima/  Cusco :  LAN-, Air Europa-, - BRITISH AIRWAYS- Most of these also allow 2 bags of 23 kilos in addition to handbaggage. Means space for your souvenir shopping!

It is strongly recommended to travel via Spain or Colombia instead of the USA- You will save many hours of traveling and plane-changes and arrive more rested and less jet-lagged!

It is also often cheaper to change dates with the above mentioned airlines rather than the US ones. The cost of a date change is usually around 75-100 Euro per passenger, plus ticket fare if necessary.

Good search engines are:

Traveling from North America:

Good departure points are Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York in the USA. 

Good departure points from Canada are: Vancouver/Victoria and Toronto or travel to one of the US cities if cheaper.

Good airlines from the US are:

AVIANCA- AMERICAN AIRLINES- Jet Blue- US AIRWAYS-  UNITED AIRLINES- COPA- I RECOMMEND AVAINCA AS  THEY HAVE GOOD DATE CHANGE AND you get to save credit for later if you can't travel due to health problems. They also allow two pieces of baggage at 50 pounds each ( 23 kilos). Spirit Airlines- may have very cheap flights from LA or Miami, but you need to pay much for baggage, son in the end it will be more costly and more uncomfortable!

Good airlines from Canada:


Good luck and please ask if you have any questions!

Best regards,

Angel ~ 🙂

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