Volunteering Opportunities


Are you interested in attending a retreat, but feel you can not afford it?

Do you feel you have special skills/ experiences you would like to share?

Are you interested in doing a trade or volunteering?


It may be possible to do a trade/ volunteer! If you feel excited, it might be a good sign! :D


We are currently looking for:


~ Webdesigner to design a nice website for our charity Mother Earth

~ Person qualified in webwork and SEO to work on our Youtube channel and social media

~  Person with qualifications & experience in marketing who speaks English & Spanish. If you also speak German and Norwegian, it’s an advantage!

~ Translator from English to Spanish for our website

~ Translator from English to German for our website

~ Translator from English to Norwegian

~ Very good, experienced vegan  ( raw vegan ) cook for some of our retreats


~ For future: Yoga & meditation teacher for a project in Machu Picchu/ Sacred Valley

~ Spread retreat info on your own website and social media


~ Videographers to make a trailer for our charity Mother Earth and projects

~ Massage therapist ( some retreats )

~ People who would like to do crowfunding for our charity Mother Earth



1.Do the funding project in your local area

2.Do funding online and spread the word about it


Some of these positions could potentially be as paid job positions as well.




Do not hesitiate to email today: sacredjourneysnow@gmail.com


Join our growing retreat family and become part of wonderful retreats & projects. Develop amazing friendships with beautiful people from around the planet :) and feel supported!

You will not regret it! Now is the time. Follow your heart and calling and take yourself into the new time!


Depending on the retreat and trade we can offer some good discounts if you have the qualifications we are looking for.

For a longer stay, we will be able to offer room & board in a wonderful vegan house close to the mountains in Pisaq, Sacred Valley,  with beautiful views and a peaceful location to live in a healthy thriving international community area. Exciting opportunities!


Email today for more info: sacredjourneysnow@gmail.com

We will be in contact!🙂


Love & blessings and looking forward to hearing from you!🙂