~ Group trips to The Sacred Valley, Peru ~

Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu stands 2,430 m above sea-level, in the middle of a tropical mountain forest, in an extraordinarily beautiful setting. It was probably the most amazing urban creation of the Inca Empire at its height; its giant walls, terraces and ramps seem as if they have been cut naturally in the continuous rock escarpments. The natural setting, on the eastern slopes of the Andes, encompasses the upper Amazon basin with its rich diversity of flora and fauna.


Welcome to Sacred Journeys!! 😀

We arrange yoga /meditation  & healing retreats/ trips to the Sacred Valley of the inkas in Peru & tours to Lago Titicaca the second earth chakra .

Explore ancient sites and very beautiful nature while you practice yoga- and meditation every day and we share healthy, vegan/ vegetarian food.

These trips are organized by Angel ~

Yogateacher, meditator & yoginii for 20 years, lightworker, experienced land - & water healer, healer, classical homeopath, experiences with Peruvian plant medicine since 2008, long- time devotee, host of sacred journeys to Peru, mother, founder of the charity Mother Earth. Born in Norway in 1978.

Tranformative journeys on many levels ~ Awakening and  freedom!

You do not need to be an experienced yogi or meditator to attend. And you can be from any country with any background. Coming with an open  mind and heart might be good. Most off all, follow the calling of your heart..!

I am looking much forward to share with you all!!

JOIN US:   SEPTEMBER 12th till SEPTEMBER 24th 2016,


November 24th- Dec. 6th and January 20th till February 1st 2017,

plus April 8th- 20th 2017!


Register here: sacredjourneysnow@gmail.com


I also accomodate families and children, plus private groups. Special arrangement!

 Looking forward to hear from you! 

Blessings! 😀


❤ " Creating deep experiences  for a life time and community, in harmony with Mother Earth. "  ❤




( English, Spanish, Norwegian, part German speaking in retreats ).




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Bjørnar, Norway: " She uses the name Angel, and that is what she is. I have attended one retreat in Peru with her and she really knows what she is doing. The theme for the retreat was yoga, meditation and vegan food. We alse went to the tourist sites in the area and studied the inka ruins, the salt mines and a natural warm water bathing place. I would recomnend these retreats to anyone. Linn is an honest human being caring for Mother Earth, preservation of nature and the greater good for all." 🙂




Mathilde, Norway : "This trip has been one of the best in my life. It was truly amazing. If you are curious about it, just go!! You will not regret it ! 🙂 I was in Peru in February and March, and at that time of the year the nature was really lush and green. We visited so many beautiful sites! Macchu Picchu was of course a highlight. But the other places and things we did was also so exciting. The trip has done much for me, especially when it comes to do meditation and yoga on a deeper level. The food was great, the Peruvians are very welcoming and sweet and all in all it was a great trip." 😀



One of the most visually stunning Inca ruins is at Moray, an archaeological site in Peru approximately 50 km northwest of Cuzco and just west of the village of Maras. In a large bowl-like depression, is constructed a series of concentric terraces that looks like an ancient Greek amphitheater. The largest of these terraces are at the center – they are enormous in size, and descend to a depth of approximately 150 meter, leading to a circular bottom so well drained that it never completely floods, no matter how plentiful the rain.

The area is perhaps best known for its Incan ruins, known as Inca Písac, which lie atop a hill at the entrance to the valley. The ruins are separated along the ridge into four groups: P'isaqa, Inti Watana, Qalla Q'asa, and Kinchiraqay.[3] Inti Watana group includes the Temple of the Sun, baths, altars, water fountains, a ceremonial platform, and an inti watana, a volcanic outcrop carved into a "hitching post for the Sun" (or Inti). The angles of its base suggest that it served to define the changes of the seasons.[4] Qalla Q'asa, which is built onto a natural spur and overlooks the valley, is known as the citadel.

Close to the Maha Templo near Pisac. We see thousands of stars at night there!! :) Photo credit: Raul Correa R.

" Come all the way " home" to the Heart of Love, though the total surrender of your unique pathway and the Will of the Holy Father/ Mother, All That Is." ~ Adama  ~ ❤



In inka ruins Sacsayhuaman in Cusco, April 2016 :)

By the Willcamayo River in Aguas Calientes after River Blessing Ceremony! :) A bunch of happy, light- filled people! :)

Meditation twice daily ~ for peace of body and mind. Very powerful! Join us! :)

By the sacred agricultural circles in Moray, Sacred Valley, Peru... JOIN US! :)

Mount Shasta, California ~ where Heaven and Earth meet!! This beautiful mountain has so many visitors. It is more than just a mountain... this is one of the world's holiest sites! Please continue to read more...! www.lemurianconnection.com
Trips will happen at a later date!