Every Monday 8 pm Central Europe time

Dear All.
You're warmly invited an online to Mondays relaxing and energizing online yoga & meditation class. 💝 Unique form of yoga & meditation to connect deeply to your body element, breath , heart , Mother Earth....

All are welcome!

Take time for you. Put all else on hold for about 1h & 15 mins.

You deserve it.

Make sure you are alone.

Wear comfortable clothing & have a light stomach. 🙏

Monday's at 8 pm Central Europe time.

- 1 pm Lima time
- 2 pm NY time
- 11 am Pacific time

( Timeanddate.com)
I have practiced daily for over 25 years. Taught in various countries since 2000 and have three trainings.
You receive tools for life. 🙏

Energy exchange: heart based donation. Vipps or PayPal lotusyoga11@gmail.com. Recommended min.10 €.

1. Download free app: JITSI meet
2. Join meeting room: Angel Amita Yoga.

Hope to see your smiling face some Mondays!

Love & blessings,

Angel Amita 🧘🙏

https://www.timeanddate.com/ for your timezone