Temple and Meditation Tour to Lake Titicaca

Dear All! ♥

I have the honor to invite you to sacred journey to the Earth’s second chakra in Lake Titicaca Dec. 9th- 15h 2018.

Lake Titicaca is a powerful energy vortex with many mysteries surrounding it.

It has several temples and sacred sites from inka & earlier times as well as a mysterious carving, a mountain wall, portal connected to other dimensions called Arumu Muru, it’s said that has been there all the way back to Lemurian times. This portal is also said to be the gateway to the illumination temple.

A very powerful place for prayer, healing, meditation....

We will do a ceremony for the earth here and our lives...
an offering.
We will also visit the Fertility Temple in Chiquito ~ an ancient temple for fertility and honoring the sacred sexual energy.
Here women used to come to pray...
The temple has several phalluses ( lingams ).

We will be visiting Silustani, a very ancient site by a big and beautiful lake.

Join us while we visit the populations at Uros straw islands. These people have lived on islands made by straw for centuries and speak the Aymara language, indigenous to the area.
Join us to visit Amantani Island far out in Lake Titicaca, a very peaceful and beautiful island with a beautiful and ancient culture and traditions.
We will be staying with our lovely host family there and learn how they live,
You have the possibility to learn how to make real indigenous, native quinoa soup from our Mama.

Join us for a hike to the Pacha Mama Temple, a representation of the Divine Feminine. Here our lovely, indigenous shaman from Amantani island will perform, a sacred despacho ceremony. A despacho ceremony, is an ancient tradition from the mountain communities of Peru. During these ceremonies powerful prayers are performed and offerings to our beloved Pacha Mama and the apus ( sacred mountain spirits )
We will pray for various areas of our lives.
this is a truly special and strong experience that will stay with us for a long time.
Amantani Island also has a temple representing the Divine Masculine, the PachaTata temple.
We will see amazing and stunning sunsets and practice meditation and some yoga... some chanting... make a fire on the beach and chant...
This is going to be so amazing ♥

Really looking forward, and so excited to share this with you all! ♥

We will be accompanied by local, spiritual guide Ernesto Aliaga Montesinos, , an native from the Lake Titicaca area. He is an expert in the culture, history, spirituality and mysteries of this area.
He will also host a crystal bowl ceremony for us
~ very special experience.
He has long experience leading groups

I, Angel Amita is orqanizer and will host the meditations, yoga, some ceremonies....
ISTA Graduate, Spiritual healer & thetahealer, homeopath, yoga & meditation teacher, Spiritual guide, landhealer, retreat organizer in Peru since 2014, founder of Sacred Journeys retreats and Mother Earth Charity..

More info:

The cost of this amazing experience is: 599$ .
Deposit to be paid in advance via Transfer wise or Money Gram/ Western Union: 299$. Refundable until 2 months before, thereafter non- refundable.
Please pay the deposit here:
Angel Amita Leuna
Wire Routing Number: 026073008
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ACH Routing number: 026073150
19 W 24th Street
New York
If you want to pay via Paypal, please contact me:
This will hold your spot for this adventure.
If you will only join us for the part of this tour on land, that is possible it will be a discount if 100$. You can leave Puno on the 12th evening. you may also join for half of the tour for a discounted price contact me for thus.
We recommend joining the whole trip if you can.
Please let us know.
(This event is also open to other beautiful people besides ISTA tribe. ♥ )


RETURN TO CUSCO DECEMBER 15TH AT 5 am, with closure
at Saqsayhuaman ruins in Cusco watching the sunrise, meditating and sharing a picnic breakfast

That means you can fly out around noon the 15th if you like, from Cusco Airport.

This includes:
- Travel by luxury bus back and forth from Cusco to Puno ) lake Titicaca )
- 3 nights in 4 star hotel in shared accomodation ( extra 120$ for single room ) ~ Hotel Royal Inn
` 2 nighs with indigenous family
~ High quality, guided tours to all sacred sites
~ Daily morning mediation circle, grounding into Pacha Mama and our own power ~ Optional participation
~ The following sacred sites & excursions: Silustani, Arumu Muru, Inca Oyu, Uros Straw islands, Amantani island, Pacha Mama Temple, optional: Pacha Tata Temple
~ Inner sacred union sexual healing journey in the fertility temple
~ Guided visit to Uros Straw islands and meet a local family
~ Despacho ceremony for good luck in all areas of our lives
~ Optional yogaclasses
~ Learn an ancient yoga dance
~Optional EFT class according to interest and time
~ shamanic cleansing ceremony
ceremony for the earth
& our higher path in our lives
~ Crystal bowl ceremony with Ernesto Aliaga
~ City tour of Puno town, see colorful markeds and feel the place
Angel Amita :) opening and losing ceremonies
~ Inka sauna in Puno last night
~ Fire on the beach in Amantani ( optional)
~ All local quality, safe transport is included
~ Private boat on Lake Titicaca
~ All meals except 4 lunches & 2 dinners
~ Hang out with tribe and likeminded people ♥
~ Delicious meals, Peruvian cuisine, mosttly vegetarian and vegan ( other options if you wish to )
Have a journey that will stay with you for a long time on one of the most powerful energy vortexes in the world in Lake Titicaca.

Really looking forward to sharing this journey with you all!
For more info & registration, please email me: sacredjourneysnow@gmail.com

Much love and many blessings,
Angel Amita:)

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