Angel is a qualified DNA 1 & DNA 2 Advanced Thetahealer with the Thetahealing Institute by Vianna Stibal.
 Thetahealing is a meditational process that creates physical, psychological, and spiritual healing with focused prayer though Creator of  All That Is.

Thetahealing can help for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, such as:

- Changing old programs 
- Changing and releasing old beliefs
- Healing and releasing fears
- Releasing old soul contracts
- Healing & releasing old karma
- Clearing curses
- Ancestral healing
- Changing negative emotions
- Clearing old traumas from this life and past lives...
- Physical illness and infections

Can everyone benefit from thetahealing?

- Yes, anyone can. You don't need to have a certain religion or spiritual back ground. It's for all genders and kids, youngsters and adult
- Thetahealing is offered in person and over skype.
OFFER! FIRST SESSION ~ 55$/ 480 NOK  for 1 hour

Sessions over 30 minutes ( 40$ ), 1 hour (70$ ) and 1,5 hour ( 88 $).

4 sessions Package offer, 10 % discount. 252 USD- 2211 NOK

Peru:  30 mins- introduction for 30 mins ~ 40 soles

           1 hour 120 soles

         Contact for more info.


Angel Amita is a trained psychic spiritual healer via Center For Soul Evolution, Mount Shasta.
During these sessions we look for and clear blocks in the aura, chakras and other subtle bodies. This way your light can shine brighter and your Higher Self can connect with you better.
During the sessions we often see that deep issues and past lives come up for  healing.
Angel has learned to use powerful spiritual tools and energies to dissolve old soul contracts, permanently cut toxic energy cords, dissipate karma, remove old patterns and limitations.
Sessions in person and via skype or distance.

New clients offer!
International 55$/ 480 NOK
Peru: 111 soles one hour first session,
Thereafter: 70$/ 611 NOK

Package of 4 session ,10% discount = 252 USD or 2211 NOK

Angel Amita studied classical homeopathy in Norway and Denmark and is internationally qualified.
She offers ~ constitutional, chronic and acute treatments for children and adult
Homeopathy is a natural way of treatment using natural  medicines from the plant & mineral kingdom & other sources &  do not have bi- effects. They are based on the principle of " Similia Similubus Currentur", "  ~Same shall with same be cured.", discovered by the German Doctor Samuel Hahnemann.  .
Homeopathy is as big as Western medicine in India, and is next biggest to allopathy in the world.
Effective for: Allergies, eczema, pregnancy & childbirth, the flu, chronic conditions, ADD/ ADHD, emotional issues, traumas,  phobias and more. Peru resident price: 
Prices from 40 soles for discounted short sessions.
Angel is a qualified 200H Ananda Marga Yoga Teacher, a Yoga Bananas Kids Yoga Teacher and WhYoga Pregnancy Yoga Teacher. She has a personal practice for 24 years.
Angel Amita teaches 8 limbed path of yoga~ classical yoga suitable for all levels and ages. Emphasis is on the holistic aspects~ yoga postures, yogic self massage, devotional chanting, guided & mantra meditation is important with a focus on the deep  connection to the breath, our hearts and Mother Earth.
She offers yoga & meditation classes during her retreats, for groups and privately.

"Serving with Love & Compassion"❤

Twinflame & Soulmate healings~❤
Angel Amita is experienced with twinflame and soulmate connections and sacred union ( and sacred sexuality).
As the evolution on earth moves fast, many people meet their soulfamily and some meet a strong soulmate or their twinflame.
Contact Angel for a healing with psychic guidance for your path ahead towards higher, divine love and sacred union. ❤


Angel is a trained and and experienced advanced landhealer via Center For Soul Evolution, and is using ancient and effective techniques to clear your home for old and stangant energies and create stronger light and harmony. It is very effective and the cleansing is deep and long lasting!

I can home to your home, and you can also participate in the ceremony.. A ceremony lasts between 1- 2 hours depending on the size of the house.

How to book a healing



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