Mother Earth's vision

Mother Earth ( Madre Tierra) was established in June 2014 in Norway.


The vision for our charity is a build a conscious community with Respect For All Life.

Donations to Mother Earth ( Madre Tierra) will mainly go towards saving to buy a piece of land in the sacred mountains in the SacredValley in Peru.

We wsh to create our own retreat center and commuity land, where all people who has been to our retreats can particpate as well as volunteers and people with special offerings.

Donations also go to a worldwide project of landhealing, very important to the planet and all life at this time.

St. Germain says:

I say to you, that the Land Healing Project is the most important contributor to the changes in consciousness on this planet that we have seen yet! -


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This is so needed now!


What this planet needs now is light centers.  Light centers for activites good for all life forms.

Where people can come and feel at home and nourished and well.

A place focused on growing organic food, yoga, meditation, healing, spiritual initiations, and more!


Please send your kind contribution!


Your contributions will be returned to you many times!




Norway Bank account: 2500 23 70487 ~ Mother Earth ( Madre Tierra ) 

Ask for interntaional transfers.


Heart We are most grateful for any donations towards this work!Heart


Thousands of stars can bee seen at night in Pisaq and the surroundings!!

Please donate for the landhealing project ~

Please make a donation! You will be highly rewarded!

The donation will go to the charity Mother Earth. It supports the landhealing project so important for our Beloved Planet and All Life Here.  This helps All beings. Creating balance in Mother Nature  of highest order. These donations are highly useful! We are ver grateful and we ca gnuarantee you they will be used for the highest good!

For more info on Landhealing, please see the website of our partner Center For Soul Evolution