Mother Earth's vision

Mother Earth ( Madre Tierra) is a non- profit organization and was established in June 2014 in Norway. Org. nr.: 913 945 174

Mother Earth is a growing network of people from various places with a common interest in respecting our Earth Mother and living in a sutainable way.

We Wish to respect Mother Earth and take care of her.

Our current priority os to create enough funds to buy our own land between the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu in Peru. Here we wish to create a retreat center, organic gardens, temple and live in harmony with nature.

The vision for our charity is a build a conscious community with Respect For All Life.

Our other projects are:

1. Digging for ground water. The water quality in Peru is not so good and it is not given a priority by the Goverment to make sure the population has clean water. Therefore we wish to support the villages we have clean water. We need about 12 000 Peruvian soles to dig for ground water for one small village.

2. The world wide landhealing project. 

Some of us are trained in landhealing. We are volunteers who contribute to the world-wide landhealing project started by Center For Soul Evolution in Mount Shasta, USA.

The land healing project was started over 20 years ago under the guidance of masters and angels, making it easier for the transition of the people and the people to greater visibility. The project consists of over 450 permanent energy points in over 40 countries, helping to balance nature and eliminate trauma arising from war, turmoil and natural disasters. It helps balance the nature and bring in higher consciousness and light. For more information on this project and training see the link:

3. Creating a recycling system in the Sacred Valley

Unfortuntalye there is hardly any recycling system of waste in the Sacred Valley and towrds the Quillbamba Jungle ( Machu Picchu area ) We wish to create are recycling system over time.



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1. Paypal:

2. VIPPS 94724627

3. Norwegian Bank account: 2500 23 70487 ~ Mother Earth ( Madre Tierra ) 

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Words from St.Germain: Big Grin

" I say to you, that the Land Healing Project is the most important contributor to the changes in consciousness on this planet that we have seen yet!" Heart

This is so needed now!

This planet needs now is light centers.  Light centers for activites good for all life forms.

Where people can come and feel at home and nourished and well.

A place focused on growing organic food, yoga, meditation, healing, spiritual initiations, and more!


Heart We are most grateful for any donations towards this work!Heart

 Big GrinTHANK YOU!Big Grin

Thousands of stars can bee seen at night in Pisaq and the surroundings!!

Creating balance in Nature