Yoga & meditation

You will be able to attend yoga class every morning on this trip.

The form of yoga that is taught is from  the 8 limbed tradition Rajadhiraja Yoga. 

Comes closer to classical, effective yoga asanas, that are relaxing and stimulates and massages the glands in the body. I wil teach yoga asnasa that suits everyone and that you can learn and practice on your own too. In the classes we will do warm  ups, yogaasanas, yoga massege and deep guided relaxation.   The yoga form is deep, gentle and very effective.

You will also learn a simple meditation technique and at times the meditation willbe guided.

We will meditate together whcih strenghtens the effects of meditation. 

Meditation practice has so many positive benefits. It  relaxes the mind and body deeply. It calms the breath and bloodprressure and helps the balance of melatonin in the pineal gland. Meditation is heling you relax much deeper and get in touch with your core and heart. It is an ancient art practiced many parts of the planet. Meditation can mprove memory and give clarity of mind. It is very recommended. We will start every day with meditation before the yogaclass and end the day with meditation before dinner. It will also improve your sleep :)

We hope this trip can be deeply transformative and bring something new and very positive into your life :)


It is also said that regular yoga- and meditation practice prevents deiseases and aging. That it reduces stress you aleady know :) Anybody can pratice yoga and  meditation!

We will aso adjust the classes to the group :)

In addition we  will follow a healthy yogic, vegetarian/vegan diet with much salads and smoothies on the tour. This will hep for meditation and also the healing work we will do :) You are of course free to buy other food on your own on the  trip and skip a yogaclass if you need to! But it is recommended to parttake :)!

Vegearian/ vegan diet

On this trip you will be served deliciously, prepared vegan and vegetarian food.

The diet is of the yogic diet ( also called ayurvedic)

We use locally grown produce and ingredients, all organic.

There will be smoothies, salads, quinoa, soups, roasted vegetables, beans, rice and much more! All will be organic!!

Healthy and vital food!

Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements!

We'll do our best to accomodate people. 

Looking forward to sharing with you!


Many blessings!