Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation


What form of yoga do we teach?


During the retreats you will learn original asthaunga yoga ~ 8 - limbed path yoga.

Also connected to the original tantra yoga or the Ananda Marga Path Of Yoga.

This form of yoga is also connected to the original Tantra yoga and the Ananda Marga Path of Yoga. Emphasis is given on the holistic aspects of yoga: yoga asanas, deep guided relaxation, and yogic massage. We are focusing on deep breathing and the connection to the heart and Mother Earth. Regular meditation is an important part of this practice, guided with mantra, visualizations, and silence. This is generally not a type of yoga that will make you sweat. As India's oldest yogi says: "Yoga is about peace and relaxation and you are doing yoga wrong if you are working up a sweat. Yoga is about the union with all of life.

Eight limbs of Yoga

The classical system of yoga, systematized by the great sage Patainjali 2100 years ago, consists of 8 practices known as “Astaunga Yoga” or “The Eight Limbs of Yoga”


  1. Yama – Practical moral principles to help us enjoy a harmonious relationship with others

  2. Niyama – Practical moral principles to help us purify and uplift our inner environment

  3. Asana – Yoga postures practiced for physical, mental and spiritual development

  4. Pranayama – Balancing and enhancing the vital energy or “Prana” through control (Yama) of the breath

  5. Pratyahara – the process of withdrawing the mind from external distractions

  6. Dharana – the practice of concentration

  7. Dhyana – the practice of meditation (sustained concentration on a spiritual idea)

  8. Samadhi – the deep experience of complete oneness



We are offering yogaclasses with self massage and guided relaxation every morning.

We will teach the universal yogadance Kaoshikii ~ which has 22 amazing benefits for mind, body and spirit and was introduced by the Indian Master Shrii Shrii AnandaMurtii

We are also offering meditation classes morning and evening, and also in sacres sites.


Asana practice is a set of physical exercises that:

  • increases the flexibility of the body

  • helps maintain hormonal balance

  • establishes balance between body and mind

  • prepares the mind for subtle thinking and deeper meditation.

  • helps blood circulation, massages tissues and glands

The relationship between the physical body and the mind is very close. Many physiological and psychological irregularities are due to hormonal imbalances. Hence Ananda Marga asanas have either a pressurizing or depressurizing effect on specific points in the body in order to establish and maintain an appropriate hormonal balance.

Asanas are postures in which one can remain in physical comfort and psychic composure. In this system, asanas are practiced for physical health and spiritual elevation.

Asanas may be practiced with individual repetitions or vinyasa style with repetition.


WE MEDITATE TOGETHER TWICE DAILY. Sometimes we also meditate in energy vortexes and sacred sites.


The meditations focus on:

~ Connecting and grounding into Pacha Mama ( Mother Earth)

~ Breath

~ Repetition on mantra

~ Sitting position

Some meditations contain guided visualizations which will guide you on an inner journey.

We also learn shielding and grounding.

We will meditate together in a group, which strenghtens the effects of meditation.  


Benefits of meditation:


~ Relaxes the mind and body deeply.

~ Calms the breath and blood pressure and helps the balance of melatonin in the pineal gland.

~ Helping you relax much deeper and get in touch with your core and heart. It is an ancient art practiced many parts of the planet.

~ Can improve memory and give clarity of mind.

~ Improves sleep & Dreamtime

- Prevents diseases and aging


With this regular meditation practice, you will feel that each day your concentration will be deeper and easier, and you will get so much back!

We hope this trip can be deeply transformative and bring something new and very positive into your life :)

Please note that you do not need to have practiced yoga and meditation in order to attend and also you do not need to attend all classes,although we recommend to attend all classes.

Classes adjusted to the group ~



Warmly welcome!Smile


Meditation twice daily... :)

Meditation on Montana Machu Picchu with students from Norway

The diet ~ yogic and vegan~

On these trips you will be served deliciously, prepared vegan, sattvic food made with LOVE by our experienced cooks!

The diet is a yogic diet ( also called ayurvedic) ~ sattvic diet.

We use locally grown produce and ingredients, mostly organic.

There will be smoothies, salsads, quinoa, soups, roasted vegetables, beans, rice, some of the 200 types of Peruvian potatoes and sweet potatoes, including the traditional, ancient inka corn and many other dishes! Quite much of the food will be raw and all food healthy, fresh and local. We also use local superfoods, and Peru has much of that!

The food will fort the most be vegan and sattvic/ yogic ( no onions, no garlic and no mushrooms).

A vegan diet is sustainable, healthy, tasty and there are very many dishes one can make from just plants!

If you are not used to eating a vegan diet, no problem. You can also buy food in the market or many cafe's / restaurants around the area. But to eat this vegan diet for a couple of weeks have many advantages in many ways and the food is so tasty and good that you won't miss anything ~ we can say that!

Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements!

We'll do our best to accomodate people. 

The kitchen hygiene amongst our staff is high and you can be safe that the food you eat is prepared with much love and care and safe to eat.

We also offer filtered water at the retreat centre.

Looking forward to sharing with you!


Many blessings!


We offer plenty of healthy fruits and smoothies for breakfast using locally sourced ingredients ~=~~ a breakfast that will give you energy for the rest of the day!! ~

All the food served is 100% vegan!

Enjoying yummy and healthy vegan food in Cusco! :) The best vegan place in Cusco! :D