Illary Chaska Spiritual Center

Illary Chaska Spiritual Center is located in the Ollantaytambo area in the Sacred Valley in Peru.

The center is new and has comfortable shared and single rooms for you all.

We will be in a quiet and beautiful location surrounded by majestic Andean sacred mountains on all sides.

Beautiful waterfalls, and river passes the land. The land is big and the energies there are very special.

You will enjoy a truly beautiful location to recharge and care for your mind, body and spirit during the retreat.

Not far from the ancvient inka trail to Machu Picchu, you find yourself in a truly stunning location with historical land marks all around .

 The gardens and gree, big and lush and the trails around are many.

The Yoga and healing temple is newly constructed and circular in shape.

 A true place to find peace in mind, body and spirit and and experience the true spirit of Peru and the Sacred Valley at the same time as you go deep into yourself!

We are much looking forward to hosting you here and give you amazing experiences that will stay with you for a long time!

Warmly welcome! 

Machu Picchu Accomodation

During most of the tours to Machu Picchu we will stay at a good 3- star hotel.


The hotel has the following facilities:

~ Close location to Machu Picchu town 

~ Clean and comfortable rooms

~ Hot showers

~ Nice staff

~ Small pool

~ Terrace 

~ Breakfast with various fruits, juices, teas, bread, granola with vegan and vegetarian options

~ Area to practice yoga ( roof top terrace ) 

~ Accomodation in double, triple and single room

~ Single rooms are of wuite limited quantity in Machu Picchu and cost is higher


Occasionally we use high end 4 star accomodation with even better facilities and locations. This has an increased retreat cost.  You will be informed when looking at a retreat, what accomodation is offered.

Puno Terra Hotel

For our magical Lake Titicaca Retreats, we will stay in a nice place in Puno.

The hotel has comfortable beds, hot showers, its clean and a quiet place.

There is also  small fairy garden which you will enjoy during the retreats!

Wifi is available.


The hotel is a nice 3 star hotel.


Various sized rooms are available:

- Single Rooms

- Double Rooms

- Twin Rooms

- Triple Rooms 

- Quadrople Rooms 


The breakfast has various vegetarian and vegan options and will include fresh juices, fresh fruits, herbal teas, granola, vegan yoghurts, bread, avocado and more!

The personnel of the hotel are sweet and caring and always there for our groups!

Island Amantani indigenous family

We will be sharing two nights with lovely indigenous family of Isla Amantani in Lake Titicaca during our Lake Titicaca Retreats!

This family has lived their whole life at the island and are a real indigenous family with big hearts and smiles. Here you will learn how to make REAL PERUVIAN QUINOA SOUP and also participate in a sacred DESPACHO ceremony in the Pacha Mama Temple!... And more....! Big
 GrinThumbs up

You will enjoy their sweet hospitality and presence! And they will stay in your heart!SmileHeart

Shaman Vegan Lodge Cusco

We are happy in offering for your stay a comfortable place with all bases for you to feel at home. We are located near to the second forest in Cusco. Is a beautiful area in Cusco city, but looks more as to be somewhere else in the mountains. This side of Cusco is home to birds and you can easily hear since early if you are awake, we are one minute walking to the mountain of Pikol and if you love nature and adventure, this is ideal to do hikes and see the amazing valleys of the area.

And if your interest and time allows, we can also offer the opportunities to share the teachings on shamanism, power plants, vegan education, ancient history and others.

Because we are not at the polluted and noisy downtown of Cusco, we are committed to organizing your pickup at your arrival at any time of the day, of course that the right information you can provide to us will help to be there when you arrive and transfer to our lodge.

Our services include your pickup IN/OUT, vegan meals as the daily breakfast and dinner. Wi-Fi connections will assure you to still be connected with your beloved ones.