Who are we?

Lake Titiaca.



 Founder of these tours to Peru and other sacred places is

 Angel. Cool


 Angel was born in Norway in 1978 and have traveled and lived in many parts of the world since she was young.


Peru has been a place that has caught her heart deeply and she mostly been residing there since 2011.


Peru is a special place on earth with so much to offer for everyone who visits.

 Whether you would like to see Machu Picchu, go to the Amazon jungle,

 shop in colourful markets, learn Spanish or Quequa, visit Lake Titicaca or attend 

 an ayahuasca or yoga retreat, you got it all!


The apus ( sacred mountains ) that sourround the Sacred Valley are very alive and powerful.

They provide a perfect setting for a deep journey on all levels...


Angels background:


* Daily yoga and meditation practice from Ananda Marga since 1997. Yoga practice since 1996.

* Internationally qualified Yoga Teacher Ananda Marga 200 RYT and Kids Yoga Teacher Yoga Bananas , plus WhYoga pregnancy yoga teacher. 

* Teaching yoga and meditation in various countries since 2002.

* Advanced Thetahealer, experienced, advanced  landhealer, water healer, classical homeopath, lightworker :)

•  A variety of courses in healing modalities 2012- 2015 , continued

 * Long time vegetarian and vegan ( 20 + years ).

* Mother of a beautiful son.

* Devotee and singer and loves to serve creation through deep care for Mother Earth and all life  forms.

* Founder of the charity Mother Earth ( Madre Tierra) , 2014

* Speaks Norwegian, English & pretty good Spanish and German.

* She has hosted groups in Peru since 2014

* Been spending time in Amma's ashram in India, in Ananda Nagar in India and

 been living in BC , Canada as well as the UK , Norway and Denmark..


 I am really looking forward to meet you all and share this sacred land with you, 

 to share my yoga- meditation classes and ancient spirtual wisdom.

I am exited and grateful to see that the community around my charity Mother Earth is growing steadily.


Thank you so much for visiting!


 Love and blessings,

 Angel ~  Smile


My other website:




“ Meditation for self realiztion and selfless service to humanity . “

- Shrii Shrii Ananda Murtii


 " If there is a will there is a way." 


 " Love is the answer, is the way "

~ Amma

" The heart holds the frequency that is open and receptive to all possibilities, It connects us to all that is. The heart trusts, and in a continous flow, beats to the rhytmn of life with joy and wonder!"

 ~ Celestia






Machu Picchu April 2016

Kinsa Cocha Lakes 2016

Angel with indigenous lady in Cusco :)

Oh Mother...

" Oh! Mother, my tears
fall upon your face.
I just remembered.....
We, the lightworkers
Have now returned....
To spread our Web of Love
All around You.

From distant stars and galaxies,
From lives past, present and future,
We come to guide your healing.
We, the Lightworkers, one soul to another,
Touch the hearts of many each day.
With each recognition, we laugh, smile and cry.
Our love is abundant, flowing, shimmering.

We, the lightworkers, in perfect joy
Quietly expand. Unconditional Love.
Spin now ever so gently as you warm yourself,
For we the Light workers are back
From eons behind and ahead.
May Love, Laughter and Tears of Joy
Rain now and forever more upon your face.

( Author unknown, Thank You for the prayer!)